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Get Ready to Rock the Griffith Park Trail 30K-Half Marathon-10K!

No matter your preferred distance, learn all about this series of races, part of the Hollywood Trail Rock Star Run, that are ready to rock your world! 

Put away the guitar picks and drum sticks – it’s time to become a different type of “rock star”! Calling all runners – this upcoming set of fall Burbank Marathons is ready to rock your world!

Griffith Park Trail 30K Half Marathon 10K“Hollywood Never Got This Dirty Before!”

On Saturday, November 10, you’re invited to run, hike, or even power-walk your way through three different distances during the Hollywood Trail Rock Star Run at Griffith Park. Not only is the event an incredible athletic pursuit for runners of all skill levels, it’s one of the most breathtaking and historic courses in Southern California. Run past the picturesque Bronson Caves, take in the iconic Hollywood sign, and bask in the amazing cityscape of La La Land as you tough it out on the trails.

Obtain Your Rock Star Status

The start time for all three distances, the Griffith Park Trail 30K/Half Marathon/10K, is 7:30AM SHARP! That means that you will want to get to the park early, with Bib Numbers being handed out at the starting line at 5:45AM. That start on Commonwealth will begin a long day of running through a well-marked course including stocked aid stations every few miles with volunteers on hand to attend to all of your needs.

If you need more convincing to get out and rock the trails, each finisher will receive their own running version of a platinum record (a beautiful, well-deserved medal), a high-tech running shirt for future pursuits, and a festive celebratory feast! 

Need a place to start your journey off right or to provide the perfect encore to honor your newly-minted rock star status? Located only five miles away, the comfortable accommodations and variety of amenities of the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel will ensure your race day is a smashing success in relaxing yet superstar-worthy style!


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