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Discover Your Own Fighting Spirit at the Martial Arts History Museum

Education meets high flying fun at the world’s first Martial Arts History Museum!

Martial Arts History MuseumWhat do the Samurai, Lua Warriors, and the Mighty Sumo all have in common? They are all real types of cultural warriors that can be learned about at the Martial Arts History Museum. This highly educational museum showcases the different Asian cultures and how the world of martial arts is weaved into their history, it is also full of fun exhibits highlighting popular culture.

In a fun-filled experience for all ages, it takes its visitors on a journey through the art, history, culture, and tradition of the martial arts across the globe. Created as a timeline linking the generations of Asian cultures and their warriors together through history, visitors will learn and see examples of how much these traditions have affected our own American culture. For most guests, touring the museum takes around an hour even though the many places you will “explore” seem as if it would take a lifetime (or maybe seven!). The traditions of China, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, and even our own country’s fiftieth state of Hawaii are explored through historical artifacts and beautiful infographics.

Popular culture also has its time to shine at the Martial Arts History Museum Burbank. There is a complete section of the museum devoted to the History of Anime and a spotlight on the role that Walt Disney played in changing the world. This Media section also includes a full timeline of martial arts in through film and television with photos and props on display.

If you’re interested in exploring this unique type of kung fu museum in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel is the perfect home base! Our modernly-appointed hotel is less than three miles away from the museum, making it easy to not only explore all of the wonders of the world of martial arts but many of Burbank’s other top attractions.


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