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Restricted Area” No More; Take a Warner Brothers Studio Tour!

Discover the magic behind the cameras during one of the best studio tours in California!

Warner Brothers Studio TourLos Angeles is the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ and home to many of the studios that create the magical moments we enjoy on the small and large screen! Normally, backstage access to these havens of movie and television magic are off limits to the general public. Yet fear not as there are a variety of movie studio tours in California that allow you behind-the-scenes access to your favorite franchises with sets, props, and even a chance to see some stars in action!

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour is an ever-changing experience exploring the back lot and soundstages of this famed production house. Every day, the route of the tour will change based on the productions being filmed on the lot at that time. Every tour will visit the exterior sets, a working soundstage, the Batmobile Collection, DC Universe Exhibit, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, along with countless other props from a variety of classic titles from their portfolio. 

As previously noted, there are three levels of tour access to choose from:
Studio Tour – The most popular option that includes all of the above behind-the-scenes access. Between the guided tour and your own walkthrough of the interactive areas, this tour will last around three hours.
Classics Tour – A play on the standard Studio Tour, your guide will take you through the same behind-the-scenes areas but with a focus on Warner Bros. Golden Age of Film and TV and lasts slightly longer due to the added ‘Classics Made Here’ extras.
Deluxe Tour – For the superfans of movie making magic, this tour includes the entire Studio Tour plus visits to the Costume Department, the Property Department and Warner Bros.’ Commissary Fine Dining Room for a complimentary lunch. With all of the added benefits, this tour will last over five hours!

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Monsters Unleashed Burbank is Bringing Hip-Hop to La La Land!

Unleash your inner rhythm when the original hip hop dance convention comes to Burbank in July!

Monsters UnleashedGuess who's back – Monsters Dance is bringing back their world-renowned hip hop dance convention to the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center on July 24 through July 28. For four full days, this part convention, part competition will bring the top choreographers in the hip-hop world together to offer workshops and new techniques to each level of dancer, from the most neophyte to the almost pros! At every stop of their Monsters Unleashed tour, there will be many different opportunities for attendees to advance their knowledge of dance and own standing in the world of hip-hop. With scholarships, seminars, freestyle battles, auditions, and so much more, you have to be there to truly experience the rhythmic insanity in all its glory.

Registering for the Monsters Unleashed Los Angeles Tour Finale will automatically give you a chance to join in on over four days of professional classes, a ticket to the Monsters Show, auditions for scholarships, workshops with some of the area’s top agencies, and complimentary daily buffet lunches. There are additional “add-on” packages that will get you into some of the more prestigious competitions at the event along with professional classes and headshot sessions with the top professionals in the business. The four day event is quite intense, but if you are willing to put in the effort, you will be sure to walk away one step closer to your ultimate hip-hop dancing dream. Whether that is dancing at the clubs with your friends or taking it to the professional level like the instructors you will meet, that is all up to your own personal goal for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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With Telescopes and a Planetarium, Burbank is Your Gateway to the Cosmos!

Your ultimate guide to planning a trip to see the stars at this Burbank Observatory.

Planetarium BurbankYou may not even realize it, but we bet that you have seen The Griffith Observatory even if you have never been to Los Angeles. As one of the most iconic buildings in California, this Burbank Observatory that is perched high above the city in the Hollywood Hills has been in countless movies and television shows. With breathtaking views of the entire landscape below, from the Hollywood Sign to all of the glowing lights of La La Land itself, just visiting this mammoth of Griffith Park is a memorable experience. Admission to the observatory is always free, but you should plan to spend a few hours exploring all of the wonders of the world (and those above us) that can be found inside.

Opened in 1935, the Griffith Observatory is one of the area’s most popular destinations. Being the most visited public observatory across the globe, there are a variety of must-see exhibits and attractions to experience inside including:

  • Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon presentation theater – a 190-seat auditorium offering daily and special programs on topics dealing with all things out of this world!
  • Samuel Oschin Planetarium – Including a Zeiss star projector and a state-of-the-art digital projection system, this Planetarium Burbank is the finest in the entire world. Every show is live with a storyteller making no two shows the same. At the moment, the 290-seat auditorium is showing three different shows that take guests on journeys of cosmic exploration (ticket prices for these shows vary).
  • Telescopes – Even when the sun is shining, the 12-inch Zeiss refracting telescope in the rooftop dome will give you a clear view the stars above!
  • Foucault Pendulum – this iconic cable-held, 240-pound bronze orb consistently proves to its guests that the Earth is spinning on its axis.

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Discover Your Own Fighting Spirit at the Martial Arts History Museum

Education meets high flying fun at the world’s first Martial Arts History Museum!

Martial Arts History MuseumWhat do the Samurai, Lua Warriors, and the Mighty Sumo all have in common? They are all real types of cultural warriors that can be learned about at the Martial Arts History Museum. This highly educational museum showcases the different Asian cultures and how the world of martial arts is weaved into their history, it is also full of fun exhibits highlighting popular culture.

In a fun-filled experience for all ages, it takes its visitors on a journey through the art, history, culture, and tradition of the martial arts across the globe. Created as a timeline linking the generations of Asian cultures and their warriors together through history, visitors will learn and see examples of how much these traditions have affected our own American culture. For most guests, touring the museum takes around an hour even though the many places you will “explore” seem as if it would take a lifetime (or maybe seven!). The traditions of China, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, and even our own country’s fiftieth state of Hawaii are explored through historical artifacts and beautiful infographics.

Popular culture also has its time to shine at the Martial Arts History Museum Burbank. There is a complete section of the museum devoted to the History of Anime and a spotlight on the role that Walt Disney played in changing the world. This Media section also includes a full timeline of martial arts in through film and television with photos and props on display.

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